For more than 20 years of major construction company operating in food and education By the beginning of 2000′s years of service in our region and the modern concept of quality tourism and hospitality sector arising from lack of “social meaning” with the mission of filling a gap in the decision to invest in this area was out of the road.

After a long and meticulous planning stage in January of 2004, the service we offer our valued guests 4-star hotel is a first for us, as well as many firsts in our regionsizlerinde bringing with it as soon as possible with the support of the city’s social and cultural duties fulfilled to meet the need to get a little bit.

To date, in line with our valued guests showed positive and negative constructive criticism from you again in the future, we will work to improve our understanding of the service with support of debt as a result, we see further bring with you for your interest.